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High Employee Costs

Hire a receptionist or clerk to answer your phones for $10 per day. Not possible? Well that is your investment for TWG Calls to answer and professionally disposition all your calls.


Customer Satisfaction

Calls that go unanswered can make a bad situation worse. TWG Calls will improve customer satisfaction by over 40%!


Sales Training

Having trained sales people ready to handle your opportunities is easy with a call center. TWG Calls will train and provide coaching so you can focus on other things.


Customer Scheduling Issues

Last minute re-scheduling by customers can be a problem.  TWG Calls can take the call and get a timely resolution before you waste a trip.


Sales Staffing

Not sure when you are going to get an influx of sales calls. TWG Calls offers the perfect solution by maintaining staff that can support sudden increases in business.


A Complete Sales Team on Demand

Call centers spend a great deal of time training and certifying salespeople to do one thing...close sales. Where else can you hire a sales team for only $10 a day, and represent multiple products? Call centers can tailor service to meet the needs of your business and provide cross training to agents to provide a complete solution to your customers.


Overflow Coverage

This happens when your existing team is on the phone or busy, and are unable to get to another incoming call. With a TWG Calls call center support and multiple agents you never have to worry about this.


Customer Retention

Customers calling for information about new features or upgrades are looking for something new to meet a perceived need!  If you do not provide it, the next call to your competitor just might. TWG Calls trained sales agents answering your phones can make sure they get the answers they are looking for.  

Business Impressions

Having a knowledgeable professional answering all your calls gives a better impression about your business! TWG Calls can make sure your customers get the best impression with a professional agent taking your calls.

Call Recording

Compliance issues, auditing, etc. are all headaches that can be averted by recording calls. TWG Calls offers this service to make sure when an auditor comes knocking, you are covered. 



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